Friday, 1 July 2011


An update...

I'm in Nice under strict instruction to rest my feet. I went across the border into Italy (San Remo) and then retreated back to France. Taking an enforced break from hiking and using trains to get to Strasbourg on Monday.

I'm also struggling to get ebay to work for auctioning paintings. I've been carrying this one around for some time now.

I've been posting more on web forums rather than here simply for a bit more interaction and feedback.


silvia beatriz flores said...

hey i saw you yesterday, drawing your picture on the floor on the cardboard and it was really lovely!!! i was sitting at the 3diablos and you and you really have talent, so i decided to follow you! i hope your journey goes well :)

Animaphagus said...

I just saw one of your drawings at the place Kleber, Strasbourg. It was really good and the whole concept is great!
Keep up the good work