Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Strasbourg. Another update...

I'm in Strasbourg - an exceptionally beautiful (and wet) city. My first rain since...ooooh... I don't know when. I have been extremely lucky with the weather.

From Nice I went by train backwards (again) to Marseille, then onto Lyon. I think I have finally conceded that there will be no more hiking on this trip. My ligaments need weeks, or months to recover.


No more 'qui va a pied'. I'm going to be using trains to work my way across Germany to Austria to Slovakia, then back to Germany (for work in Berlin). Not sure where I go from there.

Despite foot problems, this has been another fabulous adventure meeting many, many good people.

My cameras are both borked also. Photos will come when I've managed to buy a new camera. Paintings have sold for good causes without internet auctions, but hopefully new stuff will appear for auction online soon.

Not without problems, but fantastic fun! :)


nousquatre said...


Hello!, I'm the person who has bought your drawing of "place kléber" in Strasbourg!.
My daughter and me are very happy to have this art in our house.
We will find it a good place on the wall.
We wish you a very good trip and we will continue to pay attention to your blog.

Aurevoir!, goodbye!.

Valérie and her childrens.

Guoda Bodrijūtė said...

I saw you in Nice :) hope to see you in Lithuania too

임채영 said...

Hello! I saw you drawing in Strasbourg...
Good luck to you and your trip.