Tuesday, 30 January 2018

All I got for my Birthday...

...was this broken toe.

Many people who read here probably have a very romantic view of life as a travelling artist. Others may respect the more real, gritty side of this life. The dealing with police, street thieves, common wronguns, murderers on the run, drugs and dealers, crazy people who should be in hospital... the authorities, and all of us not so authoritarian types apparently running from something.

The real challenge in this life is dealing with unfamiliar situations in unfamiliar environments. Like an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room, with an unfamiliar walk down an unfamiliar corridor to an unfamiliar bathroom. Try doing that at 4.30AM barefoot and desperate to leak after a heavy night out. Only the super lucky get away with it. Why I tried to get away with it is beyond me, but probably had much to do with alcohol and cannabis. It was a bad decision, but - hey; there are far worse decisions to make in life. I should fucking well know!

I also got nice messages and work questions for my Birthday. Thanks for those. x

51. Still going strong. Brains of a 19 year old being held together by the legs of an 80 year old.

Rock on!!!

Pics another time.


geoff said...

Oh my god. We share a birthday.


helen brown said...

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