Saturday, 27 January 2018

More happy clients :)

It is what I like most. I find it incredibly gratifying when people email photographs of my art in place in their homes. They come from all corners of the World. This one came locally. Thank you!

Everybody I have worked with in Portugal have been incredibly helpful, friendly, and above all else, appreciative. This sort of attitude just makes me want to do the very best I can. I will make a list of thanks to the hotels and other businesses who have given me work (and, continue to give me work) tomorrow. Thanks to all the private clients also. This has been the most comfortable January since I started this blog! So glad I came to Lisbon.


The reason Portuguese people don't put vinegar on their chips is because, they don't need to. I should have known this. English chips need vinegar due to the fat saturation of our unhealthy cooking methods.

Good to know my sense of humour isn't lost here. Thanks for the explanation.


Anyone else very excited about looking out for The Humanity Star in future night skies?

The most ridiculous waste of money I have ever found a place in my heart for.

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