Monday, 29 January 2018

Fish & Chips, or Fish & Rice?

On web forums I have been posting enthusiastically about Portuguese cuisine on a budget. I like this one without vinegar. Two small cod tied head to tail, deep fried and served with salad and a bowl of rice in onion, red pepper and tomato salsa with red beans. It is ace!

Struggling to get anything good from my smartphone on close-up, but I'm sure you get the picture (so to speak).

A quick thanks to my 'esteemed clients' as they seem to say here :)

Hotel Corpo Santo is a new 5 Star, historic hotel with an archaeological dig in the basement. Sort of. It is finished. The old town walls of the city are preserved and displayed in a fabulous space that doubles as a very effective conference room. To say these people have been nice to me is understating a fair amount. If I had the money, I would choose the place above any other in Lisbon. Fantastic hotel, interesting historically, but above all - service that is unlikely to be bettered anywhere. So, thanks to all at Hotel Corpo Santo. Greatly appreciated.

Lisbon Check-in is a new 'contemporary' guest house on the edge of Lisbon's emerging alternative scene - Santa Katarina/Rua Sao Paulo. Somewhere between a hostal and a hotel, you get your own very nice room en-suite in a 200 year old building (the style has been reformed) with flat screen etc, and access to a shared kitchen, common room etc. Best of both World's - privacy with a socialising option. Very, very reasonable rates, and, again - as friendly as they come.

There are more to mention and thank. I will do in time.

You can get great value here during February. It is never that cold!

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