Sunday, 18 July 2010

Granada. Hmmmmm...

I love this city. It is unique. It is 'home'.

However, everytime I return I get bad news. Three 'street folk' dead this time plus someone else a little bit fucked-up to say the least.

I have moaned about having to work on the streets amongst street people. I have called them 'manipulative'. Many are - they have to be. But, many are also highly vulnerable and susceptible. As difficult as they can be at times, they are on the whole very likeable, intelligent people. On the whole. There are always exceptions. As in any other walk of life there are cunts amongst them.

3 dead people amongst a very small community.

People talk about the comaradery/comradeship amongst street people. It exists, but it is incredibly shallow. Most have their own priorities. Those that die are very quickly forgotten. It's almost like an accepted risk.

Someone is avoiding me, and it's not just about a €10 'loan'.

I love Granada, but I want out. Back to Leon!