Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Granada, Granada, Granada and Life as an Itinerant Artist.

Granada. I like it.

It is very difficult to make money on the streets here, but I'm picking up good commissions. Not brilliant, just good enough. And, I really do like the 'me' themed new hotel full of my giant sketches and other art. I like it a bit too much actually!

I know many people here. I have many friends here. There are as many reasons to stay as there are to move on. However, move on I must. It seems no single provincial city is going to provide sufficient fulltime work for an artist like myself. I have to keep moving. Keep following the work. Taking each opportunity as it arises. Seems this is the only way to make it work financially.

I'm still busy here. No reason to move on just yet, but work awaits in Leon, Salamanca and Santiago (Santiago can wait as long as it has to - I'm in no rush to return!).