Thursday, 8 July 2010

Let me tell you about some of the people I have to 'work' with.

Big storm has just arrived and spoiled plans, so I have free time for internet rubbish and stuf :)

Paul. I use his real name. He is a pretend pilgrim. A bus to Santiago de Compostela for easy begging. He sometimes works for super secret government agencies who follow him all over the World and have underground bunkers wherever he lives. They owe him Millions. Not sure Millions of what? He is a believer. He was actually at The Last Supper! As I left Santiago he asked me to buy him a drink (he manages very well, even got €100 out of the pilgrims office for a new passport - blasted on booze and coke in 5 hours) he told me very seriously that he had been watching me. So, I guess I get arrested for suspicion of terrorism when I get home. Bugger! That could be a problem, I have things to do.

Ax. A very different sort of artist. Very clever. A manipulator. He used to play with a big, big super group that formed in the 70's. He may well have done in his dreams as a 10 year old watching TV in his bedroom. He is going to form a big band and tour the World. In the meantime he will just busk for as long as he needs to if he can't find a woman to fool. He is a peace loving hippie who also fought in the Gulf War (obviously, he picked up a few mental troubles). A peace loving hippie who likes to throw people down heavy stone steps.

Hektor. A very worrying recent acquaintance is also a pretend pilgrim. Managed to walk here from Valencia via San Sebastian and Pamplona in about 10 days! I'm in Ponferrada. He is a very dangerous fuck.

Various others ask and steal everyday. They fuck about with people I care about and can't watchover because I actually have to work. All are very susceptible characters themselves, but most of all they find life easier as manipulators. Well, good for them.

I am seriously fucked off ATM. Generally (and, I am generalising) most street folk are cool. I'll give anyone time and trust until they go to far. Then, I let them know they have gone to far in a very understandable, strong, none-violent way. Everyday. Every 12 hours I work in hot conditions, windy conditions, whatever conditions.

I give up because to many of these cunts have been to much of a problem and now they're fucking on my personal life also.

Too much. New project cometh. Very different. Finally all is in place :)

That was a very, very tough 8 months, or so. An experience mind. All good in someways, but I still can't see any point in praying to God. If he does exist, he is actually a total cunt.

A different sort of pilgrimage. Mostly it was very, very beautiful. Just ended a bit fucked.

Exhibitions to do. Other stuff to do. Then, I go walk an even bigger, extrenely different walk :)

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