Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Liver in onion gravy with beet thing mash.

3 Kilo's of liver and kidneys came my way. Not quite direct from the land, but free nonetheless. It counts.

Liver in onion gravy was an obvious option. But, 3 Kilo's! What to do with the rest?

There are Chinese bazaars here which sell everything you could ever imagine you didn't need. I use them for cheap paint brushes and little, tiny jam jars for mixing my paints. Little jam jars perfect for pate. Wild herbs are everywhere for free. Onions are abundant also. I think, if all is properly sterilised, little jars of pate will be good for 10 days, or so when buried deep in my backpack insulated from the heat by my sleeping bag. Meat protein and iron intakes sorted for a couple of weeks.

My gas canister may just about last for one more meal. That is working out at about 50 Cents per session. I need to find where to replace it.

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