Sunday, 23 July 2017


I whistle. There is rarely a moment a tune, or a song is not in my head. Whilst I'm on the coast with the gulls 'Seabirds' is spiraling around my brains.

'He called out to the seabirds "Take me now,
I'm no longer afraid to die"
but they pretended not to hear him
and just watched him with their hard and bright black eyes'...

The Triffids are possibly my favourite Australian band (ACDC and Olivia Newton John excepted). (We need humour). David McComb's lyrics were brutal in their simplicity. Some may say crude, or just too unsophisticated, but hey - this is rock. I felt his pain. Enjoyed it, and was deeply saddened when he died.

To be an artist you have to open yourself to emotions without barriers. This can be dangerous. The highest of highs will often be countered with very painful lows. You develop an empathy on a very extraordinary level. You can hurt yourself, and just as easily hurt others!

I am listening to The Triffids this evening. Four class albums with sod all recognition, or financial compensation. It is quite a tragic story, but very few musicians, or artists ever get there. 'In the Pines', 'Born Sandy Devotional',  'Calenture' and 'Black Swan'. All fabulous albums without a weak moment.


I'm not paying for a bed tonight. I am blessed with the ability to go days without sleep with no brain wobbles (well, no more than usual). Physically, I will be fucked, but I am going to enjoy solitary hiking from day break. I'm aiming for Figueira da Foz with an empty wallet. I shall be whistling as I go.


My Portuspanglish is proving to be very ineffective. Many non-native English practitioners ask me to explain the difference between 'affect' and 'effect'. It is not an easy one! Everyone who talks to me, gives me time, I ask; "how do you think living by the Atlantic affects your culture?". It is currently my favourite question.

In Spain, the sea is referred to as 'el mar', or 'la mar'. Both are correct in any context. My understanding is that 'el mar' means the sea, or the seas as a whole. 'La mar' means the sea as in 'the Bay of Biscay', or 'the Med''. The closer you get to the sea, more commonly it is referred to as 'la mar'. Fishermen will only ever talk about 'la mar'.

The Atlantic - almighty powerful. How can it not affect your life if it is there everyday?

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