Sunday, 23 July 2017

Shrimp and beet thing stew.

I'm not going to get bored of beet things. I think they must be Iberian raddish????

No idea really, but I like them.

One huge cheat here. I bought the shrimps from Spar. Perhaps they came from a shrimp farm on the coast? Went through a packaging and distribution company? Nope - they came from China. WTBloodyFuck? How is this possible? The sea is just over there. China is a very long way away. They were shelled shrimps. I suppose this is it. Manually shelled shrimps from those who are probably paid about 1/10th of the minimum wage here in the EU.

I will never buy supermarket seafood again.

I'm off to the Aveiro on the other side of the canal to think about nothing :)

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I have actually never had shrimps and now i am really curious to try them out. And watching this post in the middle of the night made my mouth flood with water. lol