Sunday, 21 September 2008

I'm Off!

First thing tomorrow morning.

Just about to unplug my modem and pack my PC. I have decided to do Three weeks without any digital technologies at all just to remind myself what life was about before the web. So, no blogging until I reach Merida (unless I decide to stay in Cordoba for a while to make a bit of cash).

Cash! Un problema grande!!! I've sold very little here in Granada during the past Three weeks. Spent last night negotiating bar tab clearance in return for paintings :D Most were more than happy and I'd far sooner the paintings went to people I know rather than strangers for far to cheap prices.

I'm taking the absolute minimum with me. Any essentials I've forgotten will have to be bought en route. I plan to make use of second hand shops for clothes. Plenty of quality socks are my only new purchase.

I'm starting with a limp :( So, I'll be going very slowly and very short distances for the first few days. I'm also hungover - to many red wine fare wells last night.

Look in here in about Three weeks time and I'll tell you what the world used to be like in the good old days before the internetz...

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