Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I like it here :)

€1.30 for a beer and tapas, or €2 for a fine Rioja and tapas. Cleared €12 in about 2 hours. I´m already feeling guilty about the relgious sell. Very tempted to take the bus shelter and bottle of wine route (it´s a very mild night), but a few guys have already eyed up my backpack and tripod.

Very nice little town. But, little and nice. Wouldn´t want to live, or get stuck here. Going to do a 10AM - 2PM session tomorrow, then set off again. I know of a derelict monastery within 4 hours walk. That will do nicely. Pretty sure all pilgrins have a fundamental right to squat a monastery for One night only.

Ah. Fuck it. Wine and bus shelter it is. €10 is money to be saved.

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Photos said...

Great stuff. I'm silently fascinated with your voyage. Make the best of it. Take care. Tammo