Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Olive Grove Techno

OK. Know I said I wasn´t going to do this for Three weeks, but I can sniff out interentz in any town as keenley as I can sniff out booze suppliers. I´m already bored with talking to myself. Might as well type to myself. So...

Olive, olive, olive, olive, olive, olive, olive, olive,
olive, rock, olive, rock, olive, olive, olive, rock, rock, rock,
techno, techno, techno,
Liar, cheat, liar, liar, cheat, cheat, cheat, cheat.
olive, rock, olive, rock, rock, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock!

I´m in Acala la Real, about 40 KM outside of Granada. Not bad going at all as I only managed to leave home at about 1.30PM this afternoon and have just spent a very pleasant Three hours enjoying the local park here. I´m either the bionoc man, or I´m a liar and a cheat. You decide for yourselves.

I always have good excuses mind. Very good excuses. I was waiting to leave Granada. Waiting for a friend to collect some stuff I was giving away when I heard some of the most terrified screams I´ve ever heard. Went out into the street to see what was going on and found a younf French tourist absolutely petrified. I went to help her and she just started crying. Gutted. Totally gutted. Already on an emotional high after packing away old photographs I almost cried myself. But, I didn´t. Fortunately my landlady speaks French and the house has nice tranquil, safe gardens. So, I took the victim of a mugging inside to gather herself and chat. 18 at most, very slight build, very beautiful and lovely with it. Total, fucking cowardly cunts.

My landlady later mentioned that I was the only person to go out onto the street to help. "Isn´t that shocking?" she exclaimed. Well, yep, it will always shock me, but never surprise me. You heard the terrified screams as loudly as I did and you chose to ignore them, so why do you think others wouldn´t?

Anyway, that may well be a side effect of the world I´m choosing to ignore for a couple of years at least. I happened to bump into some cowardly twat on my way out of town today. I now start my pilgramage not only with a limp, but also with Two knuckles on my right hand plastered up. Wrong - I know. So, send me to jail, or sue me, or summat!

Alcala la Real. I nice little town if a little unexceptional. Has a nice festival here in July. That´s all I know. Always to wasted to visit outside of the festival site of any festival local. Glastonbury has a tor. Alcala has a mini Alhambra on a mini mountain.

Despite the fact that it´s very quiet, I think I can clear €20 here this evening and tomorrow morning, so I´m going to take the gamble and sketch a panorama in the local park to pay for a safe bed. It´s a nice scene to sketch anyway.

Big public thank you to that man that gave me a very generous donation as I left Granada. Cash has already been converted into a decent sleeping bag, big bag of energy providing immitation jelly beans and a bottle of Rioja (and a cheating bus ride - a man would be stupid to refuse 40KM for €4) In future read the word ´travelled´as a euthamism for ´cheated´. I will say ´walked´when I actually have walked ;)

Please excuse spelling. I´m very tired. *Off to sketch*

I can already tell I´m really going to enjoy this journey.

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