Friday, 12 September 2008


I've wanted to walk to Santiago de Compostela since reading Tim Moore's 'Travels With My Donkey'. I'm far from religious, but the book was a fun read. With recession looming, stuffing all my stuff into storage and minimising outgoings seems like a good plan. I will be following pilgrimage routes across Spain for about 18 months blogging my progress (or, lack of it) here, posting photographs and sketches. I'll also be telling stories and history about the places I visit and people I meet.

I will be almost totally reliant on my ability to sell sketches in the streets of towns and cities visited along the way for income. I don't expect to make much and fully expect to have to sleep in some strange places. My website will also offer sketches, paintings, prints and photographs for sale: You'll also find a bit more information about me and my work there.

I'm not sticking to a rigid plan and I'm taking a different route to Santiago de Compostela to that walked by Tim Moore and his donkey. I won't always be walking alone either. Friends will be joining me at various points along my journey for a day, a week, a month...

I'll also be inviting absolutely anyone to come and join me if my journey interests them.

The proposed route may change after I have reached Santiago de Compostela. I'll be starting from Sevilla travelling through Fuente de Cantos - Almendralejo - Merida - Cáceres - Salamanca - Zamora - Ourense - Santiago de Compostela - Lugo (now effectively walking backwards along a pilgrim route) - Ponferrada - Léon - Pamplona (now leaving recognised pilgrim route) - Zaragoza - Barcelona - Taragona - Valencia - Murcia - and finally back home to Granada.

I may well be taking slight diversions to visit many friends en route also.

Next post: 'Preparation'. Haven't really done any yet!

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