Friday, 12 September 2008



Almost ready. Have boots.

Don't have quality sleeping bag, tent, Treo 650, or cash :D

Suppose I'll have to buy a map also.

Fucked if I'm buying a guide book, or anything.

Sorting and storing my crap this weekend. May sell some of it. May not.

Think I'm looking at a daily budget as follows:

Cigs €2.65 for 20 L&M Rojo
Booze €3 for a reasonable bottle of Rioja
Food €3 should be good enough plus free fruits and stuff (hopefully friendly farmers also. There is an unwritten law in Spain that says I can help myself to anything I see growing anywhere so long as I don't get greedy)

That's it I think. I can survive very happily on that. Beds can be made anywhere anyhow!

So, anything I make above €8.65 pays for luxuries and cheating bus rides. This is going to be a piece of piss :D

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