Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Cantabria - a Welsh Connection?

Since I've been claiming to be Welsh (a very tenuous family link) I've become more interested in Wales.

The other night I was in a bar when a bunch of local folk in uniform dress started singing. Sounded to me to be very 'Welsh male voice choir' like. This evening, I met them again and sketched them singing on a bandstand for Noche de San Juan celebrations. They sounded even more Welsh. Found an opportunity to ask a few questions and they told me they were traditional songs from the Ronda! "What, in South Wales?" asked I. "No, the ronda is the name of an area of mountains and valleys in Cantabria" I was told. Interesting. There was also a major road in Bilbao called Morgan. This is no coincidence I tell you.

I'm told I have to rest my foot for another Five days, so plenty of time to research a bit more.

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