Monday, 22 June 2009

Half Way!

2000 Kilometers and 9 months to the day exactly. Seems a long time ago since I left Granada with nothing more than my backpack and a few Euros. Seen much. Experienced much. Now I have to do it all again!

I'm quite happy about that even if I am missing good mates and my own bed greatly.

Just another 2000 KM and 9 months to go then :)


Bellakia said...

I met you in the Plaza Mayor in Valladolid and your art took my attention, indeed. I use to live here, in Valladolid, the city where it seems to happen nothing at all but my city, I guess. That day something very special went on, and that was you just there. I stopped dead and stood there, staring. I read your text and, when I arrived home, I just visited your page to go on reading. I thought the idea quite interesting, as that I always wanted to do but I never did. Thanks for following my blog. I hope meeting u some day again and telling u it's me. ;)

The Lost Photographer said...

Can't believe I didn't notice you even if I was sketching ;)

I had fun in Valladolid. Met a great bunch of people and got invited to lots of parties and art events. A surprising city. A surprising city in the middle of northern Spain with a beach!

It would be really nice if we do meet again, somewhere, sometime. I meet so many people whilst working on the streets. Today a couple asked me where we had met before. Turns out it was Pamplona. More and more people keep saying "Hi, I saw you in Salamanca/Cordoba/Barcelona/Caceres/Granada/Wherever". It's nice that people remember me and my work.

Hope we can share a chat and a drink someday in the future.