Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Santander (with a borked foot - still).

Looks like I'm stuck in Santander for Two weeks at least. Stupid of me to ignore foot problems, and now I'm under strict instruction not to walk at all for a while. So, Two weeks (at least) in Santander. Not really a problem. It's a lovely city. I have an affordable bed and sketching potential is huge. Plenty to keep me busy for a fortnight.

Can't believe I managed to walk 2,000KM+ over mountains, through valleys and across plains with barely a blister only to fuck my foot up with a gentle stroll along a promenade! Such is life - you never know.

If I'm staying here for a while I better contact the local press. I need all the help I can muster.


Jean-Marc said...

I'm curious concerning your accommodation. If you pay more than 15 Euros, let me know. I have friends in Santander (was hospitalero for a while)who can put you up for that price.
Also, pay a visit to the Bar La Barruca, next to the albergue. The owner, Dora, can be of some help for cheap food. Pass my regards.
Jean-Marc from Canada.

The Lost Photographer said...


All is good ATM. Affordable bed is VERY affordable for the time being, and I'm making reasonable money. I should be OK, but I may come back if I out stay my welcome where I am!

Not a great problem. If I have to take a bus somewhere else for the sake of making money/surviving whilst I can't walk I will, and then get the bus back to start walking again when my foot has healed. I'm lucky that I have no 'real' job ,or time contstraints.