Thursday, 25 June 2009

Goodbye Santander.

Huge edit!

Bit of a grumpy fuck last night. My foot is taking forever to heal. Usually, the simple solution when things aren't going to well is to walk onwards. I can't do that ATM :( I feel as though I've had a liberty taken from me.

Don't fancy a bus to Madrid, so 'm staying for another couple of days at least.

First post I've felt the need to edit. Hope to many didn't read it.


✖Rebeca✖ said...

I write you to say that I had the pleasure to see as you draw when you were in Bilbao and I have made an entrance in my blog. I hope that it does not matter to you, and pardons by my English that is quite bad.

The Lost Photographer said...


Thanks for this. Your English is perfectly understandable and probably far better than my Spanish.