Monday, 15 June 2009

Very green & Very Wet.

It's very green and very wet. A bit like Ireland with palm trees. I think. But, I've never been to Ireland. It's a bit like the Isle of Man again.

I need sunshine and cash quickly!


Julio B. said...

I see you on Santander, on Correos (Mailing & Post building), drawing, good lock in your dream.

The Itinerant said...

Although I have not been sending you any messages, I am still following you from afar.
I agree with you on Bilbao as it certainly looks more greener that the rest of Spain but I am not sure about Ireland with palm trees. lol
Hope your foot heals soon and the walking becomes easier.
I also hope that your finances improve and that you will be able to continue with a bit of comfort.

Please keep on writing, we all enjoy it and are a little bit envious.

The Lost Photographer said...


Thanks to both of you.

Ingl├ęs muy bueno Julio :)

Nice to know people are still reading. If that's the case, I'll keep writing. My finances are improving nively in Santander, although some council official types were checking the drains today. I thought the forecast was good. Hmmm...