Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Is this Europes Wetest City?

I think it's up there in the top 3. 13th day in Santiago and 13th day of rain. It did actually stop for a while this afternoon, but didn't get dry enough for sketching on paper on the ground.

I have 2 possible commission opportunities. If just one comes good I'm home and dry, so to speak. If they don't, I have no idea! Struggling with the rain, policia and bad time of year. It's not going to plan.

Everytime I look at the weather map, there's a big, grey, damp, blob over Santiago whilst the rest of Spain gets the usual Spanish stuff. Just 20KM in any direction and there's sunshine, but not here.

Huge canvas and paints wait for sunshine.


Pobreloko said...
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Pobreloko said...

I've seen this afternoon in the Quintana dos mortos, and now I remembered your site. I must admit that your projects are interesting, and I spent a while reading your posts, but since your site is thelastphotographer, and I am also a photographer, I was wondering if you have any portfolio to view Internet.

P.S: Sorry about the comment deleted, but is that after writing it, I thought maybe you did not understand Spanish, and was even less likely to understand Galician

Pobreloko said...

A place to spend a day: Betanzos.
It is only a small (SMALL) town, between Compostela and Coruna, but has a unique charm, if you decide to ignore me, please visit the main square, Plaza Garcia Naveiras, and lost in the thousand and one lane, as the that takes you to City Hall, and visit the "Pasatiempo" and "El jardín de los encantos" -->"The garden of delights".
I do not know how the hosting will be there, that yes, but move by bus or train, especially by train, so there is quite affordable.
Another town with a special charm is Pontedeume, with its streets full of arches and steep slopes.
And, of course, Barqueiro Mugardos and O, but I think an artist like you, the latter are less interesting.
Be sure to write your experiences if you decide to visit, and if not, too!

The Lost Photographer said...


Practicing my Spanish and my Galician as I intend to live on the coast here for a year at least.

I have already visited Betanzos - a beautiful little town. No doubt I will visit again at some time. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to visit your other recommendations also.

The only photography I have online can be viewed at

Or, here's something a bit more Spanish from a 'representative' portrait project:

Or, a series from Andalucia a few years ago. You need to click on the negative photograph to view the positive in a new window:

Photographs from my walking tour of Spain will be at at some time in the future.

Thanks for your comments.

The Lost Photographer said...

Links didn't work!
Cut and paste only it seems.

Again, click on image to view in full.

andrea said...

Last Thursday I bougth you one littel cathedral picture. I want to buy more! I love it! how long are you going to stay in Santiago?

The Lost Photographer said...

Hi Andrea,

Thank you very much for your custom. I will be in Santiago for a few more days at least, possibly longer. From here, I am heading to Costa de la Muerte to live for a year and learn to paint seascapes which I will sell on the web to raise money for charity. I plan to visit Santiago most weekends throughout the summer to sell sketches, so you will probably see me around.

Nice to know my little painting found a happy home :)

You got a bargain ;)

All the best,