Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tough Going!

Continuing in the vain of this last trip (I would like to say walk, but...) things are not easy. I'm struggling to make €5 a day :(

Time of year - few tourists and most people still paying for Christmas and New Year.

Weather - it's been fucking awful since I left Granada. Big storm here last night. Some rare snow the other day. Freezing cold winds. Few people willing to stop in the street to look at art never mind remove their gloves and put hands in pockets.

Policia Local - I'm told I need permission. I go to get permission. Told I don't need permission. Told to go to some office authorising artists activities in the street, but there are no permissions for January. Then told I need to go to the Traffic Office for authorisation to sketch under the arcades (out of the rain).

It's all a bit meh. Losing my enthusiasm for Santiago a little and desperate to get out to the country and the coast for a bit of reality.

I'm also getting a bit sick of the money promise that Holy Year offers traders here. They're expecting some sort of salvation from crisis, but it doesn't look as though it's happening. I was virtually dragged into a bar the other day. Warm welcome. Congratualtory shake of hand. Followed by a cafe con leche with brandy for €4.40 instead of the €3 I normally pay. Business isn't good all round.

Two commissions and I'm out of here to head to the coast. That may take a couple of weeks still. I always meet good people in Santiago, and generally make good money. Looking back at this time last year Granada was equally tough cash wise. Just the time of year I guess.

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