Monday, 18 January 2010


Fuck yeah! Blue skies, dryness and everything!

The power of the sun. I feel full of new enthusiasm, energy and a revitalised liking for Santiago. I'm ready to take the bull by the horns and crack on with a huge painting of the cathedral. Painting to sell to the highest bidder to help fund the set-up of my next project. I'm also looking for advertising links on my all singing, all dancing, new video and photography website (coming to a pooter near you very soon). More about that later. In the meantime, I need a little translation help for a press release and info sheet. Anyone reading here have the time? It's a bit beyond my level of Spanish.

I am a professional fundraising artist. the profit from every painting I sell this year will pay for disadvantaged people to enjoy 'Camino Experience' with a mentor (if necessary). I will be living on the coast of Galicia attempting to paint 5 pictures a week to auction on ebay for charity. This painting is offered for sale to the highest bidder - the proceeds will help to establish my new project, and in turn help others. Place a bid in the 'bid' box, or make a small donation in the 'donation' box. I rely on sales of sketches for my own income - please browse through my portfolio. Thank you.

Set-up costs for anyone wondering are basically the cost of getting my equipment transported from Granada to Galicia. 3, or 4 days car hire I guess and the cost of a tent for painting on beaches in the rain, and costs of time getting the all important new website ready and effectively publicised.

Any translation help greatly appreciated.


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