Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year - New Project.

Walking around Spain has been a fantastic experience for many, many reasons. I have many people to thank for buying sketches, commissioning paintings, donating, feeding me, offers of beds and countless other kind offers. A fantastic experience, but I really want to remain static for a while.

Currently in Leon - I love this city. Can't really explain why. I always get a good reception here. It feels very 'homely'. Perhaps that's because the weather is very British during winter (cold, wet and windy). For me, Leon has the perfect balance between old and new. Funky new architecture that doesn't get in the way of the charm of the old town. It's a very affordable city also. Even during the many rainy days I can make enough to pay for bed and food.

Plan is to head onwards to Santiago tomorrow. When I have enough cash I'll head to the very beautiful, varied and interesting Costa de la Muerte and find a place to live for 12 months at least. Painting 5 seascapes a week to sell via ebay for charity. I'll be working weekends in Santiago, La Coruna and here in Leon to make my own cash. Not 100% confident I can make it work that way, but I'm sure it will work one way, or another.

Really looking forward to this. I know the winter weather is going to be totally shyte. I don't care. The place is stunningly beautiful come snow, rain, or shine.

In Santiago I will paint a large painting of the cathedral in acryllic with a plan to sell it to cover my initial months rent on the coast. A big ask! If you don't ask - you don't get ;)


ReƱuberu said...

I was just checking your web-site. I was speaking with you this morning when the police came. Sorry about that, I hope you´ll find that permit and that you will continue painting our city. Thanks for that, I hope you enjoy your staying as much as we enjoy your paintings.

The Lost Photographer said...


Usually in Leon it's simply a matter of getting a solicitud and then going to Policia Local to get the all important stamp. This time no-one at Polcia Local had a clue and they sent me back to the townhall.

I continued sketching this evening without full permission and the duty police were fine. Sold well, so I'm off towards Santiago to complete a huge painting of the cathedral. I probably need permission for that!

Nice talking to you, and have a good 2010.