Thursday, 21 January 2010

Time I Stopped Moaning.

No rain today!!! (Yet?).

A list of good things about 14 days and 14 nights of rain and policia hassle in Santiago...

Someone gave me a nice new shoulder bag today - 'Parliament of Galicia' embroidered on the front. I like it and it's perfect for carrying all my artists kit. Thank you very much.

When I was sketching in front of the cathedral last week (in the ice cold wind and snow) someone brought me coffees with congac - my favourite. Thank you very much.

The kebab shops appear to be at war. €1.99 for a nice big kebab. Thank you very much.

There are good people in this city. Thank you very much.

More good in an aesthetic sort of way is just how tidy this city is in all sorts of ways. 24 hour street cleaning (I know, because I've met the early morning shift whilst looking for a safe, free bed!). The municipal logos here are very nice and clean (I tend to notice these things due to past work interests). Same goes for the shop signage. Generally in Spain, it's chaotic. Not here (in the old town at least).

Also on a visually aesthetic note; walking around this city is sometimes like walking into a very surreal centre page spread from Vogue magazine. Stunningly beautiful people dressed to kill. I swear the university recruits on looks as much as brains - all part of the 'Spain's most beautiful city' master plan. No doubt.

Another good thing. Think I've finally figured out where and when I can and can't work. I think I have buskers rights here which means I can sell during working hours (10AM - 2PM and 4PM - 8PM) leaving me free to complete small sketches early morning and during siesta. I think. More than a little bit of stress on the 'think'. If I'm right, I now know how to plan a bit more carefully for both rain and police. I can make this work. Another good thing about Europe's wetest city (possibly) is that it was built for the rain - there are plenty of arcades and dry pitches to work.

Tough going still (wet, wind, crisis, middle of January (as someone who has a birthday in anuary I know all about cash shortages at this time of year!)), but pretty sure I can make it work.

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