Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Granada is so Frustrating.

And, so very fucking lovelly.

I'm still stuck here. At least for a few more dyas, but plan to start walking again on Sunday. Alicante - here I come.

Financially impossible. Emotionally untouchable.

What I love about Granada more than anything else are the sporadic parties of quality music and quality company. On Friday night my ears were filled with the sounds of flute, viola, Two guitars and a woman singing traditional Sicillian sings to the beat of tambourine in a cave high above Scaromonte. Absolutely fucking beautiful. This stuff happens in no other city I've ever visited in Western Europe.

Then, on Saturday, I found myself sketching in glorious sunshine, T-shirt weather in beautiful company. That's Granada's magic! Very difficult to walkaway from.

On the other hand (there's always another hand), rain, snow, cold, police, no money = debt! Aaaaargh!

Three days and I should be back in pocket again, but (and it's a very BIG but) I'm going to miss the place and some very beautiful company.

For some reason Italy is beginning to appeal to me greatly. Perhaps a pilgrimage starting from the southern tip via Florence, or somewhere 'random' like that? Dunno, but Alicante is next. No new boots yet. Hoping for some finacial joy on the coast. There's none here.

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