Monday, 26 January 2009

The Man with that Umbrella...

... is still stuck in Granada. It's the magnet - it just keeps pulling you back.

It's been raining constantly for over a week. No sketching on the streets. No money. No new boots. My umbrella has been proving very useful. It's sort of become my signature.

My birthday approaches far to rapidly and a good friend is visiting for drinks. New plan is to stay for a 'celebration' then head on to Alicante by Sunday regardless. Desperatley need more cash. Hoping for an improvement in the weather, but the forecast doesn't look so hot :(

About to do a feasibilty study on boot repair. They lasted well, but they are now well and truly borked. As is my backpack. Think that is repairable economically.

At least I have a dry, warm, safe bed here thanks to some very generous hospitality.

Really want to find out how my sketching is received in Alicante. I've never visited before and have absolutley no idea what to expect.

Back to the very wet streets of Granada for a few more days at least.

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