Friday, 16 January 2009


I was in a bit of a bad one yesterday.

Protest Sketching:
You sketch a huge street scene featuring 'Compro Oro' and 'Tabaco' signs and then write the words 'Who the Fuck Needs It?' big and bold. Then you walk away feeling much better if a little loco.

I needn't have made my own protest. There was a well oranised anti-war demo to join instead. I was fully intending to join in until I saw all the 'Star of David = Swastika' banners. Wrong people. Very wrong. I don't know anyone who agrees with the current Israeli governments 'solution' to the 'problems'. No-one. Not a single person of Jewish faith. Fuck off with that vile comparison. I find it extremely ugly and highly offensive and I'm not even religious never mind Jewish.

On a brighter note; I finally rediscovered the real Granada last night. For the first time since I returned I felt the warmth and familiarity that I love here. So, thanks to those people. Looking forward to a small party for a returning friend tonight also. The World id far from all bad, but I really want to start walking again to feel the good for real!

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