Friday, 16 January 2009

Today's Tune in My Mind is...

I'm losing my mind, in a record amount of time...

Her Space Holiday from the album Manic Expressive. One of my all time favourite album titles.

I've had a bit of a manic couple of days. Policia Local confiscated all my sketches and paintings yesterday. About a weeks worth of work. That hurts when you're surviving on virtually nothing. Firstly they tried to serve me with a denuncia for not carrying the correct ID. I had my EU driving licence as photo ID and photocopies of my passport. Perfectly legal. They realised that when back-up arrived.Then they served me with a denuncia for selling sketches and paintings on the street without permission. Granada is the only city in Spain I've come across so far that doesn't give permission. I argued that I wasn't selling and that all prices were simply suggestions for donations. If I had played the situation a bit more sensibly I could have just walked away with my sketches, but they caught me on a bad day.

So, I'm back to square One :(

Desperately want to get out of Granada. Much as I like the place, it's beginning to cost me money.

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