Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Bats are Out!

Well TFFT!

Winter is over, blossoms are blossoming, insects are insecting and the sun is shining. Aaaaachooooo! The bats can either smell the pollen, hear the insects, or, more likely, hear me sneezing.

I see I've lost a blog follower. Never mind.


I do like it here, and I've met many very good people. Many. Lots of offers of help. I like it lots, but, but, but...

Here's my problem (rain aside). Policia Local. The 'authorities'. Not all of them. Just the couple of small pricks who tell me I can't work. All I'm trying to do is raise enough cash to get my next charity project rolling. I'm no threat to anyone. Not the public, not businesses - no-one. When Policia Local threaten me with a denuncia I can't afford to pay just for sketching in a public place, a public plaza, a space we all pay for I have a big, big problem.

Some reading here may think I should just shut it and live within the 'rules'. Well, I do live within the rules. That is what annoys me. I have just as much disrespect for those who choose to stay quiet. These are very liberal times we live in. They are worth preserving for future generations. May seem like a small issue to some. Not to me. I've been writing this blog 'on the fly' since I started. Only once have I felt the need to edit/delete posts. I see no need here. I'm getting more support in Santiago for being honest than I would for just keeping quiet.

There are very few people here from ethnic backgrounds (unless you include Gauls as ethnics ;)). There are geographical reasons for that as well as political. Still, after Three months, I only know One black guy to speak to!

After Three months I am finally getting regular work. I DO like it here. But...

On the same day that Policia Local threatened me with denuncias if I didn't stop sketching for charity, some guy (who regularly did) let his dog walk all over my sketches. "Excuse me, it's my work". His reply: "This is my city and my floor - fuck off". Nice! So, perhaps you can understand why I vented so much steam here?

To focus on the good...

There are far more good people here than twats :)

I'm off to the mountains for a few days break. I deserve it. Back on Thursday. Spring has started smelling. Bats are flying and my nostral tissues are about to take an almighty beating. Yay! It's been almost a year. Mosquitoes will be next :)