Monday, 29 March 2010

Did I mention the rain? Did I?

Sigh. More wet, cold and windy stuff.

On the plus side, I've been sketching a mural in a warm, dry bar.

Next weekend maybe. Perhaps next weekend will be the weekend?

Whilst in the mountains of Anceres Natural Park, I made this website for a friend. I like his work much...

A very wet, and quiet Semana Santa so far. Just about making enough to cover costs. Oh well.


Elisa said...

You're an artist incredible, I be in Santiago with my friens the last weekend and we love your work. It's true that the people in Santiago is so bad but you don't care about it. You're so special, don't forget this.
My friends and I lived in Valladolid, we are students and we are waiting for you in this town.


The Lost Photographer said...

I had a fantastic time when I last visited Valladolid. Got in the papers. Ayuntamiento sorted permission for me. Loads of invites to parties and meals. No doubt I will visit again one day. It's a great little city.

Thank you!

Zdenek shanti said...

Hey John take it easy the guy f Granada ..friend of Filipe ,now am on camino working as hospitalero .. wuld love to talk to you do u have any any tel ??;-)see ya

The Lost Photographer said...


My latest Spanish mobile number: 689 744 929

Usually best to contact me here. My mobile isn't always charged, or on. I tend only to use it to bother mates with late night txt messages.

Hope all is good with you. Where are you hospitalero?