Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Santiago - Fascist Hell?

I may have to run quickly after this post ;)

Not many coloured people in these parts are there?

I'll give One, or Two exceptions, but, on the whole, this is Fascist hell. I am close to hating this city and all the people that reside here. Twice today Policia Local told me I wasn't allowed to work. Illegal to sketch in a public space! What? Why?

In all the time I've been here (on this last visit), I have only spoken to One single black person! Conservative isn't quite the right word. 'Backward' is possibly closer to the truth. It stinks here. Really, really smelly.

Fuck it. I could rant here forever. I hate this stinking, racist, fascistic little city.

Going to take the first bus out of here :)


Pobreloko said...

Don't be stupid. There are no black men in Santiago because it's a small town with few jobs, usually autonomous, and if not, with universitary employees (mostly with low wages).
With this view, really intend to see many foreigners, white, black or yellow, which have not reached Compostela through the Camino de Santiago?

Can said...

That's quite an extreme point of view, isn't it?

The Lost Photographer said...

Very extreme. It was an extremely bad day!

Amio Cajander said...

I have been reading your blog since I met you sketching a couple of weeks ago in Quintana Sq.

I can imagine your anger dealing with Local Police (i think they are usually far away from what should be expected for a cosmopolite small town as Santiago).

But after living the last 10 years in this City I can hardly think of it as a "fascist hell".

Nevertheless, as i have read some of your opinions in your last visits i guess it is not that bad or that good, as many other things in this life are.

Dean said...

Colour people in Spain means problems usually, diferent than USA or UK. Sorry, there is a long way to go yet.
A greeting.