Monday, 1 March 2010

Take a Step Back...

... and look at what is actually happening.

Well, it's fucking well raining all of the time. That's what is happening and spoiling my plans.

But, today it didn't rain all of the time. Pay day. 1st of the month. A bit of sunshine, and hoorah! I only need 1 day a week like that in Santiago and I'm singing. Hence, a gamble on a flat for a month. Maybe.

Tonight I'm in the 'funky' part of town. A room above a Chinese restaurant for just €15. The locks on the doors have been kicked and smashed as many times as Bruce Lee's midrift. Pretty sure whoever left on my account will be knocking a bit later, but I would actually kill for sleep and a shower tonight. No! Seriously!

4 dry days since mid December! It's been a wet winter for sure. Day to day survival really. It ain't fun. Something has to change. I'm still thinking.

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