Friday, 8 October 2010


Right. I have all the documents I need and I have signed photo. Mission for the weekend: make enough cash to get to Madrid and pay for a new passport.

This is going painfully slowly :(

I am still a minimum of 3 weeks away from releasing cash and moving forward. The rains will be arriving soon. Oh noes!

I actually saved €160 at one point. Then 5 very poor days and I'm back down to fuck all. Whatever I have in pocket on Monday I take to Madrid and try to make the difference there.

A guy here just applied for his Spanish passport. 48 Hours and €22 got him passport + digital ID card. Rip-off Britain? I could moan for days, no weeks about this privatised system. It is shit. And, my original passport is still floating around perfectly valid. Twats.

Erm... onwards and upwards.

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