Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I like it here :)

I'm off to find out who's still about and spunk all me cash.

I may stay a few days!


Anonymous said...

Liked the drawing you made in front of the "Palacio Real"!

MaaR said...

me too!!(i LOVED it)
i was one of that group who stayed a lot of time drawing, and I left a chibi picture of mine saying "esque Madrid es precioso"
please, if you stay, or if you don't, remember Madrid, 'cause, at least some of us will remember you :)

The Lost Photographer said...

Thank you very much. I always enjoy Madrid. Think I'm staying for another week :)

The big sketch from many hands and minds is still going. Somewhere in the region of 500 people have contributed. I love it. I'll keep it safe and hang it on a wall some day in the future to remind me of a great visit to a great city. People here love to participate in art!

M. said...

i loved Madrid and i loved your drawing in front of the Palacio Real!
keep doing your art.
good luck!