Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Hazzards of Being a Street Artist Nº 119


The weather has gone shit. Expected, so I stocked up on sketches to sell. Sketching on the street until the rains came, I ran to a bar to treat myself to a tapa I can't really afford. Found a quiet corner at the bar. After 2 minutes I was swamped by a bunch of ignorant cunts who pretended they couldn't see me - it is the Spanish way.

Clumsy fucking clot knocked not 1, not 2, but 3 glasses of wine all over me, my sketches, and my coat. Fucking bitch just smiled expecting an 'excuse me' to excuse her. 10 hours of work fucked. Nothing to sell this weekend. I'm stuffed again :(

Perhaps I should just get a bus to Madrid now and finally say 'fuck off' to Granada once and for all? Too many selfish cunts here.

Spent €20 on new materials. €18 for a bus to Madrid. Possibly the best option.

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