Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Hazzards of Being a Street Artist Nº 106

In a pedestrianised plaza some twat ran over my sketches and bags before stopping to reverse over them. Sketch fucked. Paints in bags spurted all over the shop. I was a little bit angry. With hindsight, I'm glad Guardia Civil were around to step in.

Down to just 80 Cents and a single roll of paper. Thankfully yesterday evening was good. A recovery to €60. Today it looks like rain :( But, at least I have enough to get to Madrid on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Germany! My friends and I were on a school trip in Granada and my friends saw the incident with the car. I'm so sorry about that.
Very good job! We'd to take a picture of this masterpiece. So it still resists. ;-)

Vera said...

yeah, I really liked the picture, too. and the man in the car, I felt very angry about him! It's too bad about your work...