Monday, 25 October 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Fuck yeah!

It only took me 9 weeks. I have no idea why I am so shit at this stuff.

Very tempted to stay in Madrid. I like it here, and I will return with all my furniture soon. But, I'm getting out whilst the going is still good. One last hour on my best pitch to cover bus fare back to Granada.


lala said...

Thanks for your post and welcome to check: here

Huzenlaub said...

Dear J! I have some photos of your framed artwork - a drawing you did of Plaza Oriente! The nearly 10 foot piece is now haning in my home in Hollywood. I want to share the pics! Please tell me where to email them - I am ash@ashco dot com

The Lost Photographer said...

Nice :)

Thank you very, very much. I will email you.