Wednesday, 4 March 2009


One of those fucking days.

I'll admit I'm a little grumpy due to hangover and accepting (very reluctantly) that I can't always have what I want, but I fucking HATE Barcelona. What a stinking little shithole of a false city. Policia Local ordering me to pour my can of beer into the nearest bin was the final straw. At least I thought that was the final straw. Back here for a day for the sake of €50 and the day has already cost me more than that. Rain doesn't help. Everything is going wrong. If it can bork - it borks!

How fucked off am I? Well, very occassionally I lose my cool. Very occassionally. If you happen to be a very able bodies and capable beggar asking me for cash when I'm in this sort of mood you get a verbal outpouring that you'll never forget. Rarely violent mind. 'Fucking parasitic scum' sort of mood today. Like I don't take enough crap from people anyway.

OK. Now that's off my chest I can go out and sketch in the shelter of an arcade and enjoy myself. Next person to try asking me for a single Cent gets twated on the bridge of the nose :)

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