Monday, 2 March 2009

Sand Sculptures.

Final day in Sitges. Had fun here and learned much about sand sculpturing from this guy...

Now, back to Barcelona to complete more work.


piero said...

helllllllooooooo Johnn !!! it's pierre
You won't believe it but i eventually got throught ! i found you again. Where re you now and what are you doing dude ?! it seems you re around barcelona, sounds very very great!!
do you remember the Plaza nueva in Granada and the two draws you let me for a couple of bucks !? still here, they re now on the wall ;)
i left granada after my exams the 1st of july and went to Australia until the beginning of november! what a trip! so i came back , here in france and start to decore my new flat later. when i wrapped out your draws, i realize there was the direction of your website my bloke!!
i m really proud of you for what you're up to..i have to say to u that i was a lillte worried about u as well because you know, sometimes granada wasn't a safe place to hang around and accuratly in the sacromonte where you stayed !
so what's up!? like you can see, i improved my english now; peace of cake to communicate ahahah because i remember how hard it was one year ago between my broken french and the little spanish you knew !:)
hope you 're fine and doing well..
i look forward to hearing from you soon !!!
take care
pierre alias pedro

The Lost Photographer said...

Hey Pierre!

Nice to read from you and good to see all is going well, but that's not English - it's Australian :D

Have to say, I never had any trouble in Sacramonte. It's one of the safest places I've ever lived.

I may well be sketching in Paris at some point in the future. I'll let you know if I'm ever exhibiting there.

The Lost Photographer said...
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