Sunday, 8 March 2009

Little Hell Hole.

People have told me many stories about Spanish towns like this. I didn't believe them. Now I do.

Not to sure where I am exactly. Strolled in late. Couldn't find a cheap pension, or hostal open. Went to a hotel and tried my very best to spend €50 on a room for the night, but they weren't having it!

I may look a bit of a mess. My trousers are torn and I'm limping quite heavily. Totally borked my left knee and foot :( Woke this morning in the doorway of a hotel to be greeted by police. I'm most definitely not welcome here. Fuck knows why anyone would want to live here (?) On the 'plus' side??? I also woke to find a loaf of bread and a meal by my side!

Can't walk. Only bus in my direction is late afternoon. House prices suggest there is work and money here, so WTF! might as well try some sketching for cash. I give it 10 minutes at best. You never know, I may even get a free police car ride out of town.

I've invested in a new pair of trousers. I think that's a very wise investment ;)


Photos said...

Where are you? In your last post you were declaring your undying love for Zaragoza....

Take care


The Lost Photographer said...

I'm in an interent cafe just below Plaza Del Castillo in Pamplona munching my way through a bag of red licorice :)

Zaragoza was very good to me. Pamplona is proving to be OK also,but the bits inbetween weren't so nice!


Back in Granada for a couple of weeks in May. Catch up for a drink then.