Thursday, 26 March 2009

Strange Dreams and Future Projects.

I had a very lucid dream last night. I dreamt I caught an overnight train home. At the first stop I stepped off the train for a quick ciggie only to watch the tain pull away immediately leaving me stranded. Then I went to a motorbike shop and bought a motorbike. It didn't work. When I protested I was told I couldn't have a working motorbike because I didn't have a full licence and wasn't entitled to a refund. Bugger :( What can it all mean?

Possibly worth mentioning that I haven't had a drink for a few days now. My brain is functioning on a very different, unfamiliar level.

I'm no expert, but if you're going to try and read anything from your dreams this one can only mean One of Two things. Either I'm so sick and tired of the day to day bed finding routine and craving my own bed, my own bathroom and my own space that I'm desperate to settle, or I subconciously want to continue walking. I'm none the wiser.

An opportunity has arisen. I've always wanted to try living completely without cash for a year. Self-sufficiently as possible. My next project may happen in June. I'm posting this on various web forums and sending emails in the hope of finding a new sponsor:

"Don't think I'm breaking any forum rules with this:

I'm looking for a sponsor for my next (photographically documented and blogged) project. Once I've finished this Camino to Santiago I'm going to remain static for 12 months living in the mountains, in a teepee, or wattle and duab hut surviving self-sufficiently - 100% without cash.

I'll be growing stuff, gathering stuff, fishing, preserving, dealing with my own waste etc. But, there's a slight concession to 21st Century technologies: I'll be maintaining a blog and website from which I'm allowed to exchange absolutely anything I can make for anything I may need/want. Ceramic art, sketches, paintings, food stuffs - chutneys and other preserves will be offered in exchange for a fishing rod for example.

Hoping to sort out all legalities and permissions by June. I'll have missed the planting season, but I have  plans, skills and a world of knowledge at my fingertips (Hopefully).

I obviously can't pay Telefonica, or Movistar with sketches. I need a laptop and digital camera on loan for 12 months. Anything that functions reliably. And, service costs covered for 12 months. On top of that, if the site generates exceptional buisiness for the sponsor it would be nice to see a bit of cash go to charity if I manage to survive the full year.

I suspect during times of economic crisis the project will get a lot of interest. My current blog has plenty of regular readers. This one will be far more interesting and feature much more photography. Shooting film whilst continually on the move proved unviable time and pocket wise.

Fully appreciate what I'm letting myself in for. Well researched and fairly confident even if it's going to be very tough and cold at times. Not sure I'm capable of nobbling a trout if it looked me in the eye never mind wringing a chickens neck, but necessity may well dictate.

It's all for a good cause (and my own fun). I will be starting with just the rucksack I currently carry and a First Aid kit. Everything else will come from scratch. A small solar panel to power batteries is obviously a priority.

Anyone interested? Leave a post here, or contact me via my website/blog."

I'm not going to do it until I'm able to blog it daily. If I get a sponsor - it happens this year. If I don't - I continue walking until February 2010 and make it happen the.

That's the plan at least, but there is always someone outhere who could make me change all my plans with a single word.

Beautiful spring day here. Absolutely beautiful. Rain is on it's way. I have a couple of indoor commissions lined up. I have fine tuned this travelling artist business to perfection. Of course, now I've said that I can only expect tough times to return!

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