Saturday, 28 March 2009

Aaaaargh! Exspensive Rain :(

Logroño is proving to be a bit expensive even without rain.

Fully appreciate that my sketches are in the street on a public right of way. They always get stepped on, rode over occassionally, but Logroño is proving to be exceptionally bad. People stop. Look at the sketches and then walk over them. I'm working in a pedestrianised zone. I don't expect 4x4 trucks to come along and do a three point turn all over my work. This one managed to put a dirty great tyre track on every single sketch in one single swift manouvre. Then a bunch of cyclists met up close by. They hung around for 30 minutes, or so. All of them looked at the sketches and read the blurb. When they set off at least 6 of them rode straight over. One actually stopped and looked down at the sketches before riding off again without changing course. Another totally destroyed a sketch ripping it to shreds.

I decided to change pitch and went to the park. There the sketches gained skate board tracks. And, lowest of low, some teenage twat stole all my Euros.

Much as I like my sketches covered with street dirt it sort of renders them unsellable. When I exhibit I want them to be covered with crap. They look cool like that, but I can't sell dirty sketches on the street. I gave them away to a rather lovelly bunch of students who gave very generously earlier in the day.

Not sure if that was the trigger, but depression comes from nowhere completely unexpected. Last night I sank into a vast void of painful nothingness. Thankfully it seems to have passed quickly. Ended up going on a bit of a bender. Woke this morning with a bad head and dirty great hole in my pocket. Today it is raining. I somehow have to turn a piece of paper and a pen into €100 and get the fuck out of here. Desperate to start walking. That was a really shit night.

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