Monday, 23 March 2009


I've read about it in a book. I've heard many stories about it. I didn't believe. I do now.

There's tap. An ordinary tap in an ordinary wall. You turn it on and a never ending flow of free red wine comes from it. How scary is that? Dangerous place that.

Spent a couple days walking to Logroño with a very likeable bunch from places all over the world. Nice walk and good company. I plan to stay in Logroño for a few days. I think it's a city I can work. All good so far and the weather is holding out.

A tap with free red wine!!!


Anonymous said...

Can you brush your teeth with wine?

The Lost Photographer said...

Never tried brushing my teeth with wine. Never tried brushing my teeth come to think of it :D

After seeing last nights Liverpool v Villa result I may just start walking backwards to drown my sorrows with a head stuck under a tap. But, I suspect it gets turned off after 8PM.

Liverpool are on fire ATM mind. No shame in that result given their previous 2 games.

Strange you should mention bushing teeth with booze. I've been talking with a young guy fom Roterdam the past couple of days who told me his story about brushing with beer just yesterday.

Blagged a nice hotel room on a deal for sketches here :)