Saturday, 28 March 2009

Adios Logroño.

OK. Turned that around far more easily than I was expecting. One more commission to complete tomorrow morning then I'm off hiking through the rain towards Burgos.

Despite the crap (and I've taken loads of crap here) I actually like Logroño lots. It's the sort of workable, unpretentious type of city I could live in quite happily. Everyday people doing everyday stuff and all getting along very nicely.

Not at all sure why my brains went wobbly last night. Could have happened anywhere. 

A note to all trying to contact me by email: I'll reply A.S.A.P. But, I can't find an internet cafe here that isn't running Vista with IE7. How the fuck Microsoft come out with an OS that won't even let you read Hotmail is beyond belief. Or, perhaps it isn't so unbelievable. Useless bunch of money grabbing arse wipes that they are.

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