Thursday, 26 February 2009

Barcelona Part 5.

Think I said I wasn't coming back here unless I had to.

But, back I am and very grateful for some very nice commissions.

Sitges was fun. Enjoyed my time there and may make it back for Sunday afternoon. Vilanova was just very, very, lovelly, but all to brief! The town itself is pretty shyte. I was just fortunate enough to enjoy very special company.

So, with cash in pocket, a safe bed and lots of work, I'm prepared to give Barcelona another chance. It's alright. It's beautiful. It offers opportunities, but why the fuck won't they let artists work on the streets here? This city was built on art.

I have new boots. Pretty much replaced all that was stolen and am almost rady to start the long trek to Santiago once again. Very keen to get going TBH. Just need a bit more in pocket.


Andrew said...


I purchased a sketch off of you in Sitges about a week ago. I love it and can't wait to have it framed. My family and friends are jealous.

In particular, the people who were kind enough to host a bunch of ragtag Americans for the week REALLY loved it. I was wondering if there is anyway I could commission you to do a similar sketch in Barcelona and mail it to them (they live in Barca). I would pay 50 euro for a sketch just like the one I purchased in Sitges (we could work it out over PayPal or if you're still in Barca, you could meet my little brother and give it to him and he could give you the money for me). I paid 30 there, but I was hoping the extra twenty would cover the cost of dropping it in the mail and/or this special request and possibly meeting my brother with the sketch.

Please email and let me know if this is something that can be arranged. They would love it and it would be such a nice surprise and gift for their hospitality. Plus, I would love to continue to support your work and travels.

Hope you're continuing to find appreciative art fans and warm meals and beds on your travels.


The Lost Photographer said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks very much. Email on it's way - I'm in Barcelona for a couple of days. Phone number and contact info coming your way by email.