Sunday, 21 February 2010

And, back in Santiago it was still raining.

No surprises there then :D

Anyone who doubts just how wet this place is, take a look at this World weather map and notice the little dark green splot in NW Spain. That is Santiago. Wetter than England. As wet as anywhere in the UK actually (well, almost). So, quite wet then. Click on image to see all.

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Can said...

Hello Lost Photographer!

I live in Santiago i saw you around a few times with your sketches.
It's hard to get used to this terrible wet weather sometimes, but once you get used, you find it special. Santiago wouldn't be the same without all its rain, would it?

Today an Italian friend asked me if this was the Galician Monsoon and I have to admit that she was kind of right.

- O'Can -