Saturday, 6 February 2010

Today was not a good day.

Between showers, misty stuff and wet stuff, I actually managed 30 minutes of sketching the cathedral. In that 30 minutes I collected enough to buy materials for tomorrow and gratefully accepted a coffee from someone. Then, little prick, fascist cunt of Policia Local ordered me to stop.

I am totally losing the plot now. I threw coffee all over my sketch before binning it. That's the last 4 sketches I've completed - all gone to waste in fits of frustration.

Tomorrow may be dry. Fuck, who knows - anything is possible. I'll sketch until little prick, fascist cunt Policia Local tells me to stop. I'll continue and offer my hands for him to make a charge. Then, wehe I have sold my sketch and have enough cash I'll buy a bus ticket south to the dryness and sunshine :)

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