Saturday, 6 February 2010

Oh - the Water!

It's not getting any better. I am totally rain and wind defeated.

My last handful of coins got swept away with a freak gust of wind that took a 3x1 Meter sketch flying across the plaza yesterday. Absolutely skint. Sales wise, times have not been more difficult since setting off in September 2008. It's not just the rain.

I seem to be in disagreement with the pension I'm staying in. They seem to be as convinced as I am about what I owe. No receipts!

And, worse of all, my folder of donation receipts, legal documents, A4 sketches from my travels (for selling), credentials, copies of passport, authorisation forms and all my press clippings appears to have gone missing. Gone missing, because I'm pretty sure where I left it, but a bit of carelessness from me.

Back to square One again. Have paper. Have pen...

It's still very wet. The forecast was good. The outcome is not.

I need a good day!

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